About us

Peter & Michelle Van de Riet

Dreamgivers Founders

Peter and Michelle’s story is a testimony that exemplifies the mission of this ministry.  Peter has spent 20 years ministering through music in a variety of churches, schools, and fellowships.  Michelle has spent over a decade ministering in churches and communities through her gifts in creative arts and love for mentoring others.  In 2009, they were married, and joined together to continue their ministry as pastoral staff at Celebration Church (Peter’s home church since 1999).

During the next few years at Celebration, God also began revealing to them an idea called Dreamgivers.  Through a combination of inspiration and clear confirmations, the vision for this ministry filled their hearts.   Then, in early 2016, after years of dreaming and preparation, Peter and Michelle launched Dreamgivers as a ministry of Celebration Church.

As an ordained minister, musician, and worship leader, the mission of Peter’s music is freeing hearts to experience God.  Michelle’s creative heart and love for God also compliments and strengthens this mission. Dreamgivers is all about enabling worship musicians to realize the fullest potential of their creative gifts.

Because of Peter and Michelle’s gifts in the creative arts and music, their focus and mission is supporting worship musicians and leaders. They view these musicians as missionaries called to minister in the local church, community, and around the world.  Through Dreamgivers, their vision is to share the music of worship musicians and create an online network that helps gifted musicians fulfill their calling through realizing their God-given dreams.   As the network grows, Peter and Michelle want to develop a supportive community that encourages, sponsors, advises and finances musicians in ministry.  As people believe in worship musicians, they will create music that impacts hearts and sparks the greatest revival the world has yet to see.

And that is Dreamgivers’ heart and mission: to inspire others to dream big and believe.  Peter and Michelle are confident that as you hear this story and experience this ministry, you will be inspired to be a dreamgiver and experience more of what God has planned for you. Although this ministry is focused on worship musicians, the heart of Dreamgivers applies to all callings and dreams in the hearts of believers.  Your God-given dreams are meant to be pursued and waiting to be realized.

Peter and Michelle are based in South Orange County, CA, where they minister at their church, Celebration Church.