Peter and Michelle’s story is a testimony that exemplifies the mission of this ministry.  Peter has spent the past 20 years ministering as pastor, worship leader, and teacher in Southern California.  Michelle has also ministered in numerous organizations through her gifts in creative arts and  love for mentoring others.

While ministering as pastors in South Orange County, God increasingly began revealing to them their next ministry assignment.  Seeing how God orchestrated the events of their lives to be launched into their own calling, a passion and vision grew in their hearts to help other believers step out into their own God-given calling and destiny.   Recognizing this as a genuine move of God, and after years of personal preparation, Peter and Michelle launched Dreamgivers in early 2016.

Dreamgivers is a web based community inspiring and helping believers discover their calling, activate their gifts, and be launched into their created purpose.   We are passionate about entrepreneurs, pastors, stay at home moms, and every God-given calling.  Dreamgivers provides online schools, courses and teaching applicable to any assignment in life.  We also hold regional conferences and gatherings to connect believers and support local churches.  We want to see believers and their churches succeed in their God-given calling and destiny.

In 2017, the first major undertaking of Dreamgivers was realized in creating WorshipMusicU, an online school of worship.   The purpose of WorshipMusicU is to help all believers grow in their God-given identity and calling as true worshippers.  The core belief of this Dreamgivers school is that a strong lifestyle of worship connects our hearts with Jesus, who by His Spirit, reveals the intention and heart of the Father in our lives.

Essentially Dreamgivers is all about helping believers connect to their Creator and be launched into His creative purposes and plans for their lives.